Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Germany Information Letter

I am my Beloved’s and He is mine and His flag over me is LOVE!”  
~Song of Songs

June 2012

Dear Friends,
All followers of Jesus are “ministers” wherever they go, but sometimes God has a special assignment. God has shown me I’m going to Germany. In October I attended Bethel’s Open Heavens Conference in Redding, California and a BSSM student there gave me a prophetic word from God. She saw the word “UNLIMITED” on my forehead. Then I kept meeting people from Germany. People from all over the world were there, but everywhere I turned I met Germans. It was amazing.
I met a German pastor named Rudiger. He said, “You should meet my wife, Stefanie--she is a dancer, a dance teacher, and a flagger like you.” He told me the name of their ministry is UNLIMITED. That caught my interest! On their website it says, “Experience the Unlimited God.” Stefanie’s quote about dance on her page resonates with my heart as a worship dancer, “Dance is the art of touching the heart, where our language is no more words.” Rudiger extended an open invitation to visit. My son, Daniel, is getting his PhD in Germany and his wife, Beth, is a part of a campus ministry among the students at Tuebingen University. They have invited me to visit them also.
It was a dream, because I didn’t have money for such a trip, so I put it in God’s hands. Shortly after I got home I received a check in the mail for $1,000 for an insurance settlement for repairs for a scrape on my car from a minor accident. Then for Mother’s Day my children all chipped in another $200. They didn’t know it, but this was exactly how much more I needed to buy a round trip ticket to Germany. I bought my ticket and now my dream is coming true. On August 26th I am flying to Germany for two weeks for my first overseas ministry experience!
Rudiger and Stefanie have invited me to stay with them in Nuremburg, where they are planting a church, and to help teach a worship dance class. I am bringing my flags and have some ideas. I don’t know all that God has planned for me, but I am excited to be “sent out” overseas for Jesus. I love the Lord and I am thrilled to share the abundant LIFE wherever I go. We truly are UNLIMITED, for Jesus said, “All things are possible with God.” (Mat. 19:26) For more information, photos, and updates visit . It is so fun to share my adventures with you!
There are several ways you can partner with me and be a part of what God is doing in Germany. Please pray for me to receive the Lord’s preparation that I would be fully ready for this ministry trip. Please also pray for the hearts of the German people that I meet, to be ready to receive from the Lord. I hope to be inspiring, encouraging, and equipping. I also would like to invite you to support me financially, as the Lord leads. Even five dollars or one dollar will be received gratefully. I have need of money for train fare, food, three nights lodging, and more worship flags for ministering in Germany. This summer, for anyone who lives in the area, I am looking for babysitting or housesitting jobs to earn money. Please feel free to share this letter, prayer requests, and also my contact information.
Oceans of love in Jesus,
Jenna Silliman, 931 S. 7th Ave, Sequim, WA  98382 USA
Verizon Cell Phone/Texting: 360-477-3152, E-mail:


  1. Awesome! Wow! Amazing what God has done in and through you1

    1. Hello lovinmommaof7 :) You do not sign your comment, so I do not know who you are. If you want to let me know privately, my contact info is on the bottom of my letter. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your comment!

  2. YES, isn't our Lord our Abba perfect in all ways. God bless you, Jenna. The Spirit has been stronger and stronger in His attention to Germans lately with me. He has something in mind and I am glad that He is using you- putting you right in the middle of His attention at this time upon Germany. I hope you continue to be obedient to His leading regarding this amazing opportunity, as you appearnly have been. I see you have by your post! :-)

    Could use a little help in slug and snail patrol duty. I have a handy dual prong knife for the job if your up for hire for 3 or four days or so starting around the 27th.

    1. Please text me your phone number so I can get more info. Thx! Jenna 360-477-3152

  3. Hi Jenna, I will be in prayer for God to move mightly through you. Your gift is Like Signing !!!! the Art of Dance is a remarkable way to express our love to Jesus. Signing with our hands and Dancing unto our Savior with our whole being, is another precious way to reach others here on earth with His great message of forgiveness, and His love and compassion for us. It is fantastic. It is a Universal language. He is moving swiftly a cross all Countries and in all their tongues for His message of Salvation in Him a lone to reach all nations and to get ready to meet Him soon. His return is coming sooner then we think. Praise God for His Banner of over us is Love. In our Redeemer and Lord, Marsha