Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Angelina's God Book

How does a child view God? My little friend, Angelina, age 8, graciously gave me permission to share some of the entries she has written in her "God Book" as she calls it. Children know more than we realize sometimes!

Angelina wrote:

God is amazing. God is GOOD.
There are hearts open for God.
I love God.
The Bible contains the mind of God.
God, the kingdom is the best.
Love love…sing to the love.
Put your heart into it. –God
God  MOM  DAD  family  LOVE.
The Lord is the best thing I've ever seen in my holl and tire life. Good thing He’s HERE.
I love the King…..He is so beautiful.
God, I am Yours.
Angelina’s sword is from God.
The heavens open yes they do.
My mom and dad are into God.
I love GOD just the way he is.
God is love to me.

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