Sunday, September 9, 2012

Not Just Bells

A poem I wrote on a Sunday in Germany. 9/9/12

Not Just Bells

Bells again for Sunday too.
Banners banned of any hue.

The vault is closed, flags in the dark,
Sedately we walk through the park.

In the room called church I wait.
Observing, sitting is my fate.

Seeds of rejoicing have been sown,
But their faith requires a somber tone.

To all but God I'm quiet today,
My love expressed another way.

But in the corners of my mind,
Banners unfurl from their bind.

Outwardly I watch the Sunday show,
I'm so quiet they'd never know.

Inwardly I dance and twirl and cry,
See my banners freely fly!

Movement and color is my style.
In the Spirit I see God smile.

With all my heart I worship You,
Not just bells for Sunday too.

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