Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flagging Prayer Ministry

On the 1st Annual International Flagging Worship Day, I had a blast worshipping the Lord Jesus. There were flaggers all over the world doing the same thing. I got permission at my bank to use the little Bank of America lawn on the corner of our city's two major streets, Sequim Avenue and Washington Street. Here is my TESTIMONY of what happened:

Street flagging in worship and prayer with just me & the Holy Spirit on a sunny Saturday was AWESOME! I started about 2 p.m. and flagged for two hours. My boom box was cutting in and out, but Papa God said to use it anyway. I chose different colors of flags as each song began, asking Him to guide me & I danced around to the music. As people passed by in cars and on foot I prayed for them without them knowing it. I prayed with understanding and I prayed in tongues quietly. I also prayed for the city of Sequim. I flagged and danced freestyle and I worshiped the Lord. People stopped to ask me what I was doing and I told them I was worshiping the Lord Jesus. Talked and prayed with Mary, Dan, Warren, Greg, Matthew, Nora & Mary. Dan had his wrist in a brace. He did not want prayer. Holy Spirit showed me my shadow. I asked Dan if he would let my shadow cross his wrist for healing power like Peter in the Bible. He said, "Sure!" As I let my shadow cross his wrist I said, "Pain be removed, just like Jesus told us to tell the mountain to be removed." He wiggled his wrist and shouted, "The pain is gone! YOU ARE MAGIC!" I said, "No, it is the Holy Spirit." He said, "WOW! I FEEL IT!" Hahaha! That was FUN! 

Saturday, July 21st, was Sequim's annual gigantic lavender festival. I found out the Bank of America park was not being used for anything else, so I invited brothers and sisters to join me in my flagging prayer ministry from 2 to 4 p.m. There were seven of us this time. Here are photos: 
The annual Lavender Festival was happening in Sequim, so we wore  lavender.
Seven of us participated on Saturday, July 21, 2012, Sequim, WA.
Flagging Prayer Ministry during Sequim's Lavender Festival, July21, 2012
I plan to do some flagging prayer ministry on the streets of Germany with other flaggers and intercessors when I am there for two weeks in the end of summer. To do a flagging prayer ministry on the streets, I have found it effective to have three teams or at least three people. One for interceding, one ready to talk and pray with people, and one just focused on flagging/dancing in worship to the Lord. (All 3 can be flagging also.) I use an ipod player for upbeat and worshipful music and a playlist to last two hours. As people in cars and on foot pass by, we pray for them without them knowing. If anyone stops, we ask them if we can pray for them. We have seen some miraculous healings! :)
Jenna Silliman and Joelle Nicholson, 7-21-12
Charli Anderson, Lavender Festival 2012

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